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Widex hearing aids are based on a technology called digital signal processing. It is a technology that is in constant development, allowing us to always equip our hearing aids with state-of-the-art features.

Widex has developed several platforms based on digital signal processing. The latest are:

True ISP, ISP, Dual ISP, C-ISP and Flex.



The new DREAM series of hearing aids is powered by the latest integrated signal processing platform –TRUE ISP.

TRUE ISP means that more sound can come into the hearing aid; that is, the input is widened dramatically so that users can enjoy a larger and richer sound picture in many different environments, including concerts, parties or at sports events. All without distortion.

It also provides hearing aids with exceptional speech intelligibility, and is so efficient that hearing aids with TRUE ISP use twenty percent less power. 
The following Widex hearing aid series are based on the TRUE ISP platform:

C-ISP (Communication)

C-ISP is a future proof, wireless platform which takes the ISP platform one step further.

Using the new InterEar function, C-ISP hearing aids are able to collect data from both hearing aids simultaneously and process it together.

The C-ISP platform makes synchronisation of audiological features between two hearing aids possible and allows external audio streaming using the new WidexLink technology.

The following Widex hearing aid series are based on the C-ISP platform:

CLEAR440, CLEAR330, CLEAR220, SUPER440 and SUPER220.

Dual ISP


Dual ISP adds an extra dimension to the ISP platform, the awareness layer, which further refines and improves sound quality.

With Dual ISP, TruSound Compression is introduced. The TruSound Compression system makes soft sounds audible and normal speech intelligible, and makes sure loud sounds are perceived as being loud, though not uncomfortably so.

The following Widex hearing aid series are based on the Dual ISP platform:

Passion440, mind440, mind330 and mind220.

ISP (Integrated signal processing)


ISP is the backbone of the famous Widex Sound. With ISP, all hearing aid functions are controlled and coordinated and automatically change according to your listening environment.

The ISP platform introduces the Audibility Extender, which makes otherwise inaudible sounds audible to the hearing aid user.

The following Widex hearing aid series are based on the ISP platform:

Passion115, Passion110, Passion105, Inteo, AIKIAFlash and REAL.


The FLEX platform – a flexible and improved sound platform – features a very fast chip that gives outstanding performance and sound for the basic segment.

The following Widex hearing aid series are based on the Flex platform: