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Our headquarters

Widex’ new headquarters, inaugurated in 2010, is a testament to Widex’ culture and innovative capabilities.

The building, which houses more than 600 employees, stands out as a prime example of a cutting-edge and environmentally friendly building, which combines the use of renewable energy with the maximum recovery of energy.

Unique combination of green technologies

A variety of energy-conserving and environment friendly measures based on new as well as more well-known methods makes the building unique.

The geothermal system, where groundwater is used like a heat reservoir, is the first of its kind in Denmark. The system is very effective, reducing CO2 emissions by seventy percent compared to traditional heating systems.

Widex has also mounted a windmill at the premises which delivers more power annually than Widex uses in total. Not only does this make the headquarters completely CO2-neutral - it also allows Widex to deliver excess power to the electricity grid, providing a CO2-free contribution to the local area.

Other features of the building contribute to the preservation of the environment, such as solar panels and collection of rainwater from the roof.


Widex 50 years
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