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CLEAR hearing aids


CLEAR is Widex’ wireless hearing aid family. Thanks to our unique wireless technology, CLEAR hearing aids communicate with each other instantly to give you clear, detailed and above all, natural sound. And with a range of wireless accessories, you can get even more out of CLEAR.



SUPER is a small-size yet extremely powerful receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid for people with severe to profound hearing loss. It lets you hear speech and environmental sounds clearly and naturally, without distortion. And with Widex’ assistive listening devices SUPER is perfect in many different listening situations.

mind hearing aids


The mind hearing aid family gives you exceptional sound. It was the first hearing aid to feature a dedicated tone program intended for relaxation and managing tinnitus.

Passion hearing aids


Passion hearing aids are stylish and incredibly small and prove that advanced technology can also look good. Passion has won international acclaim for its “intelligent combination of modern technology and ergonomic design”.

BABY hearing aids


WIDEX BABY440 is the only hearing aid designed specifically for babies. Small and comfortable to wear, it gives babies access to the important sounds vital in learning to talk.