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SOUNDS OF SILENCE – A Fashion show with a cause



Sounds of Silence – A fashion show to aid hearing impaired children was recently held at Hotel Bella Vista, Panchkula. Four prominent fashion designers from the international and national market displayed their collections to help children with hearing impairment organized by Widex India Pvt. Ltd. 


“Widex is trying to bring about a lifestyle change in the attitude towards wearing hearing aids. Just like a decade ago a person wearing glasses was frowned upon and mocked as a ‘nerd’, today those same nerd glasses have become a fashion statement, the ‘In thing’ for many. Now one doesn’t shy away from glasses / spectacles. It is no longer difficult to change how people think. The same case is with hearing impairment. It is as common as a common cold ladies and gentlemen but in India it is still considered a stigma and an embarrassment. Nearly 2% of the hearing impaired people only adopt hearing aids and if they do accept them they more or less prefer having skin toned ones to hide their ‘so called flaw’. But in the US & Europe the same hearing aid is a fashion statement and more than 25% of the hearing impaired population boldly show off their aids and insist on having a choice of colourful aids to wear as a statement piece.” Said, Mr. Shakeel H. Rizvi, General Manager, Marketing Communications, Widex India Pvt. Ltd.
Widex India is today one of the largest suppliers of Digital Hearing Devices in India. Widex India has grown into one of India's premier, most respected and professional hearing aid companies.

The four fashion designers who showcased their creations were Gaurav Jai Gupta, Niket & Jainee, Abhijeet Khanna and Sahiba J Singh.



Post the fashion show, there was an enchanting musical performance by Sahil and Ipshita. Hearing aids worth five lakh rupees were also donated to hearing impaired children in and around Panchkula by Widex India Pvt. Ltd. after the show. The whole event was conceived & designed by Mr. Shakeel H. Rizvi

Model Wearing A Widex Hearing Aid