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Target audience

At Widex, we communicate with a wide range of different target audiences who themselves vary from experts to novices, from users to journalists, from academics to parents.

Here are some of the main target audiences:

Hearing care professionals

They range from audiologists to sales people with little or no experience within the field. Hearing care professionals are some of the most important people we communicate with; it is important to acknowledge their role as gatekeepers, as often they are only people providing end-users with information. While it is important not to talk down to hearing care professionals, it is also worth remembering that not all are technical experts.

ENT doctors

While many ENT’s may be knowledgeable about hearing, they may not know so much about hearing aids. When communicating, make use of medical terms but keep the information on hearing aids and technology in an easy-to-understand language, focusing on the benefits for end-users.


End-users range from experienced experts to first-timers. It is important to use easy-to-understand language and focus on the benefits. The average end-user is 65+, and the tone of voice should take that into consideration where possible. 


Journalists and media

Journalists represent differing media – from serious trade magazines to local newspapers - so try to communicate in a style that is as relevant as possible. This makes it easy for them to use text, quotes etc. directly and in context.