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Working for Widex means working for the cause of better hearing.

Widex as a workplace
Working for Widex means working for the cause of better hearing, and helping people with hearing loss all over the world. Working for Widex also means being part of an innovative organisation with dedicated and skilled colleagues, and a large degree of interdisciplinary co-operation.

Widex has a broad scope - our work encompasses everything from audiological research and development to production, graphic design and tool-making. As a result, our staff are also highly heterogeneous. We believe that this is one of our strengths, and helps to enhance our processes, collaboration and our finished products.

Applying for a job at Widex
If you wish to apply for a job at Widex please contact your local distributor.

Unsolicited applications
Widex is always on the look-out for creative and skilled staff, so you are welcome to send an application to the relevant distributor.

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